Free Credit Score

Idaho Free Credit Score

FreeScoresUSA offers consumers in Idaho their free credit scores from Experian, FreeScoresUSA and Equifax at no charge. The offer also includes a no risk trial of automated credit monitoring services that can help prevent and reduce the chance of identity theft in the age of technology.

A credit score can be used to help you qualify for a home loan, ability to refinance, ability to get an auto loan, open up credit cards and additional everyday activities involving borrowing money. The state government passed a law a few years back that provides Idaho residents a copy of their credit report once a year from annualFreeScoresUSA. However, the free report do not include any credit scores, just the actual credit report. Most banks and lenders will require the actual score, not just the credit report. FreeScoresUSA is offering free credit scores to consumers for a limited time.

Help Reduce Identity Fraud Chances

A lot of people in Idaho, especially in areas such as Bosie, Nampa and Meridian have fallen victim to ID theft because of the slow down in the local economy. Fraud monitoring helps reduce the chances of having ID theft happen to you. No one has the ability or time to check their bank accounts, credit cards, and credit report every week. It doesn't make sense to keep checking your credit score and report every week. There is no risk at all for the trial credit monitoring service offered by FreeScoresUSA, if you decide that the credit monitoring service is not worth it, just cancel the 7 day trial offer and you will not be charged plus you will have already received your free credit score. Get your free credit score before identity fraud hits you.

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