Free Credit Score

Indiana Free Credit Score

Residents in the state of Indiana can apply for a free credit score from each of the 3 major credit reporting agencies: Experian, FreeScoresUSA and Equifax at FreeScoresUSA.

Due to a FTC law passed a few years back with help by Greg Zoeller, the Attorney General of Indiana, Indiana residents are entitled to a credit report from annualfreeFreeScoresUSA annually. Keep in mind that the report offered by the site does not contain your credit score, only your credit history. For a free credit score, visit FreeScoresUSA. They also include a credit monitoring service that automatically alerts you to any inquiries on your credit as a 7 days trial.

Reduce Changes of ID Theft With Credit Monitoring

The Attorney General of Indiana, Greg Zoeller, recommends monitoring your credit report to help reduce your chances of having your identity stolen. No matter if you live in Indianapolis or South Bend, everyone is at risk. The increase use of the Internet and online shopping is allowing criminals to more easily steal people's identity.

Consumer advocates in Indiana agree that manual fraud monitoring just does not make sense. Having an automated credit monitoring service will alert you whenever any activity occurs on your credit report, which involves credit checks or new accounts. There have been cases where criminals in Fort Wayne stole people's identity from Hamilton County and didn't find out about it until 2 years later after they tried applying to refinance their home. Take advantage of FreeScoresUSA's free credit score online. Just be sure to cancel the 7 day trial offer after you sign up for your free credit score online only if you do not wish to be charged every month for the credit monitoring service. Having an automated credit monitoring system is worth the peace of mind of not worrying about ID theft.

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