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Massachusetts Free Credit Score

FreeScoresUSA offers Massachusetts consumers their free credit score from Experian, FreeScoresUSA and Equifax at no charge.

Due to federal consumer protection laws, MA Consumers are entitled to a free credit score if they have been denied credit within the past 30 days. Please take advantage of this for your own sake. Sometimes people's personal credit reports, especially in Massachusetts contain errors or mistakes that can prevent you from getting that low interest rate on a mortgage or while financing a car. It is always not a bad idea to compare the credit reports from all 3 credit report companies to be sure there is nothing that shouldn't be on there. FreeScoresUSA offers a one stop place to get your free credit score.

Credit Myth: Pulling Your Credit Report Will Not Hurt Your Credit Score

A lot of people believe that if you check your credit score from Massachusetts state credit bureaus, it will lower then your overall credit score and impact your credit report. This is absolutely not true. Checking it once a year will not hurt it. However, if you start applying for 10 credit cards, and all of a sudden see 10 new credit inquiries, then that's a whole new story.

Experts generally agree that manual fraud monitoring is just too time consuming. There have been cases where people aren't aware their identity have been stolen till they apply for that home loan. Take advantage of this no strings attach online free credit score. Just be sure to cancel the 7 day trial offer after you sign up for your free credit score online if you do not wish to be charged every month for the credit monitoring service.

All MA Residents are eligible not just citizens from Boston, Springfield, Worcester, Newton, Cambridge, Fall River, New Bedford, Woburn, Lynn, Framingham, Chicopee, Haverhill, Andover, Lowell, Brockton, Weymouth, Lawrence, Quincy, Amherst, North Attleboro, Waltham, Scituate, Middleboro, Dorchester, Pittsfield, Dartmouth, Plymouth, New Salem, Roxbury, Falmouth, Billerica, Somerville, Taunton, Centerville, Newtonville, Groton, Westborough, Acton, North Waltham, Orange, Boston.

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