Free Credit Score

Nevada Free Credit Score

FreeScoresUSA offers Nevada consumers a free credit score that includes a valuable 7-day trial credit monitoring offer that automatically alerts you when there are potential fraudent activity on your credit report.

Several importance government officials from Reno and Las Vegas, Nevada worked with the FTC to give their residents their right to their credit report. "The right to receive a free credit report is an important new tool for consumers," said Deborah Platt Majoras, Chairman of the Federal Trade Commission. Majoras also mention the value of checking your credit report and credit score at least once a year, "it permits them to detect and correct errors, and spot and stop identity theft." FreeScoresUSA offers a one stop place to get your free credit score. Their offer comes with a credit monitoring service that is free for the first seven days.

Reduce Chances of Identity Fraud in Nevada

Check out FreeScoresUSA's Nevada credit monitoring product that comes along with the free credit score as a trial offer. The service will automatically email you saying some company checked your credit and if you did not authorize the credit check, you will be able to place a fraud alert to prevent any unauthorize activity relating to your credit. If you find that the credit monitoring is not worth paying, you can cancel the service at any time and receive the last payment as a refund. Credit monitoring is very important in the fight to stop identity fraud before it occurs especially in areas such as Omaha and Lincoln.

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