Free Credit Score

Ohio Free Credit Score

FreeScoresUSA offers Ohio consumers their free credit score from Experian, Equifax and FreeScoresUSA at no charge that also comes with a 7-day trial to their advanced credit monitoring service. Due to the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act being passed in 2004, consumers in Ohio are entitled to a free credit report every year from AnnualFreeScoresUSA. Note that their service does not offer a credit score or credit monitoring. Most banks and lenders use your credit score to determine if you are a worthy credit risk. FreeScoresUSA offers a one stop place to get your free credit score. Credit scores are often called "FICO scores" as well. FICO scores range from 300 to 850 - the higher the score, the lower the risk.

Credit Monitoring Benefit

The price you are paying for credit monitoring far outweighs the cost of having your identity stolen. Imagine being too cheap to pay less than $1 a day that alerts you almost instantly when ANY credit check is done against your social security number, no matter if the check originated in Ohio or across the country in Florida. Don't become one of the victims from Columbus or Celevand that you see on 60 minutes or your local news that ends up having their life torn upside down because of online identity theft.

This was why the Ohio government in Columbus fought so hard for consumers to at least get a copy of their credit report through annualFreeScoresUSA. As mentioned before, that free report does not come with a credit score, so if you do not value your credit history enough to pay the less than $1 a day credit monitoring service, then you could get a copy once a year which may end up being too late to do anything about it once you get around to getting the credit report.

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