Free Credit Score

South Carolina Free Credit Score

Get your South Carolina free credit score from FreeScoresUSA that comes along with a trial credit monitoring service which can help reduce your chances of identity fraud and theft.

The SC government passed a law allowing consumers to a copy of their credit report each year. The free credit report is only available through annualfreeFreeScoresUSA. If you are interested in something more useful that comes with a free credit score, FreeScoresUSA offers consumers free credit score from the 3 major credit reporting bureaus that also has a trial of an automated credit monitoring service.

Identity Theft on the Rise - Reduce Chances of ID Theft

Financial experts agree that fraud monitoring is something that is most efficiently done by checking your credit report on a constant basis. Reviewing your credit history can help you detect fraudulent activity early before it gets too serious. Since you are only entitled to one free credit report each year from annualfreeFreeScoresUSA, we commend FreeScoresUSA's limited time offer for your free credit score.

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